Институт развития общества

Institute of Society Development

The Institute of Society Development has an important social function in the society as it launches different social projects. During the years 2021-2025 the institute plans cooperation with the representatives of the tertiary sector, local self-governments and projects enhanced by the state and the private sector which support the basis of European values , are in conformity with the customs of Estonian people and take into account the needs of the multi-cultural society.

The Institute of Society Development unites people in order to create a more caring society in Europe and Estonia by supporting more vulnerable people in the society and by responding to new social challenges. This gives an inspiring and evolving experience to those who want to help, learn and develop themselves.

Max Kaur

People involved in the work of the Institute of Society Development share common values, respect human dignity and rights, national identity and believe in the development of a fair and equal society ruled by pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality; we try to develop solidarity between people in cooperation, and at the same time respect their culture and traditions.

We intend to organise seminars, information days, round-table- discussions, exhibitions, lectures and target campaigns. Our main goal is to achieve balanced development of the society. The Institute of Society Development engages in the activity specialists well-known in the certain field of activity. In addition, the institute also publishes scientific and popular scientific articles of scientists discussing the causes of social problems in the society.

Thanks to the united efforts of the institute, anti-gambling activists and responsible politicians, the Gambling Act recently took effect and enables now to limit the activity of the casino business significantly by legal measures. The new Gambling Act gives self-governments more options, including measures which enable to limit and even close casinos on their territory. The new law clearly limits the gamblers access to gambling. We intend to act as a pressure group in order to make amendments in the legislation also in the future.

The additional information:
phone: +372 53413122, e-mail: info@instityte.eu